Ways that technology is improving education

As we move forward today in the field of technology, many opportunities are being made possible than what we had 20+ years ago. We now have touch-screen phones that have the same capabilities as computers; we have fast and reliable internet connection instead of dial-up, we have the wearable technology, this list goes on and on. Technology is not just improving our lives, but it also is improving how we learn.

Colleges have started to evolve

ertghfdweqToday, there are many colleges that are exclusively online, search engines, scientific article databases and many other tools that are only available because of our advancement as a society. There is an increasing movement in online learning as more and more people leave the classroom and learn from home.

The list seems to be increasing every year. Online college is a great alternative to classroom learning because it usually has a more flexible schedule that works well for busy moms, people with jobs, and people with social anxiety. With online college, you can still get one-on-one help with your instructors; you can collaborate with other classmates and make connections from all over the world, and you can take part in presentations and seminars that used to be only available in person.

Free open learning online classes

There isn’t just online learning for college students. There are now open learning platforms that provide college classes from some of the highest prestige schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley for little or no cost. You can now learn programming and engineering without paying the expenses of going to college and have an advantage if you’ve ever dropped out of school or aren’t
sure that you want to go to college. These courses allow people to “test-out” college courses while earning certificates.

Some places such as Penn Foster and James Madison High School are available for children who don’t do well in a public or private classroom setting. This is especially good for children with learning disabilities or kids suffering from ADHD. With this, the child has the chance to talk to their instructors and even get free tutoring that would be simply impossible in a class of 500+. Most online schools allow advanced fast-track programs that can help the child graduate at their speed either earlier or later than they would in a regular, in-person school.

Apps that now help with homework

ertthfdfsdThere are now programs and apps available to help with homework by explaining information to students. Apps like WolframAlpha help with calculations and are especially helpful for those who aren’t good at math and science. A few more notable apps and websites that provide help to students are:

As the horizon of limitless learning through technology expands, there will be more services available for those who know how to utilize the resources becoming available because of technological advancement.