Tips on how to choose the right gaming mouse

Enjoying the experience of gaming lies in having the right gaming mouse as much as liking the game. While technically you can use any mouse for gaming, a gaming mouse can offer you a competitive advantage. Your gaming mouse is like your sword in a battle, so it’s important to have the right one for you. Out of all the gaming mice with varying shapes, qualities, prices, and sizes, how do you choose the right one for you?

How to choose the right gaming mouse

1. Observe how you hold your mouse

eertyhjgfgdEach person differs in the way they hold their mouse. There are three common types of mouse grips. The first and the most common one is the palm grip where your entire hand lies on the mouse flatly.

The second type is the claw grip which is a lot like palm grip but with arched fingers in the shape of a claw. The last one, fingertip grip, is where only your fingertips – and not your palm – touch the mouse.

2. Find out your ideal DPI

The DPI, or “dots per inch,” is used to measure how sensitive the mouse is for movements. Basically, a mouse with a higher DPI is more sensitive to smaller movements. The higher a mouse’s DPI is, the farther the screen cursor will move upon each movement of the mouse.

You need to figure out which DPI you are comfortable with. In any case, premium gaming mice like Corsair, Roccat, Razer, and Logitech have a mouse tuning software so that you can set your DPI to your ideal settings.

3. Consider what kinds of games you’re into

Are you mainly into FPS, RTS, or MMO games? While most gaming mice can cater to any games, some mice come with a lot of buttons which are specifically made for RTS and MMOs. There are also mice that better fit FPS.

4. Look at the two main buttons

The two main buttons will tell you if the mouse is for palm-grip or finger and claw-grip players. If the buttons don’t look distinguished and the mouse looks wide and large, it’s most likely a palm-grip mouse. On the other hand, if the two buttons are indented or distinguished, and the mouse looks a bit small, it’s for finger and claw-grip players. This is crucial for ensuring a comfortable mouse for your specific type of grip.

5. Mobile or not?

Some manufacturers offer mobile gaming mice for on-the-go gamers. These mice are more compact and lighter than the standard gaming mice, making them easy to carry with your laptop. Since these mice tend to have a smaller body, they are a good fit for fingertip-grip gamers.5tryujghfge

6. Always check for reviews

It’s always a good idea to ask fellow gamers which mouse works for them. Of course, you would need to know their kind of grip and the kinds of games they play. If you already have a mouse in mind, look for reviews of its durability and ease of use. You want your mouse to be easy to use and last for years because high-end gaming mouse tend to be expensive.

Carefully consider each tip on how to choose the right gaming mouse, and you’ll surely be able to find the perfect gaming mouse for you.