Studio microphone buying guide

To run a recording studio, one needs to have the proper equipment. This will include recording equipment, monitors, amplifiers, musical instruments, computers and microphones. One of the essential equipment to getting quality recording from the instruments being played and vocals of the singer is to have a good microphone. The market has a wide range of microphones that are available for one to choose.For instance, one may be wondering what the difference between a condenser vs dynamic mic is. This may be frustrating for anyone planning to purchase. It is vital that one has basic information to help them as they shop. Below is a guide to buying studio microphones.

Studio microphone buying

Know the types of microphones

microphone 2

It is important for one to know the classification of microphones. Even though one will find many brands, models and designs in the market they need to know that microphones are divided into three main categories. This is the dynamic microphone, condenser microphone and ribbon microphones. The dynamic microphone is a hardy piece of equipment. It can be used for a range of recording of musical instruments for it is durable and versatile.

The condenser is an excellent microphone for recording soft sounds from quiet instruments that produce such sounds. The microphone is very sensitive and can pick up sounds well, that is why it is the best microphone to record vocals for singers. It can also capture ambient sound creating a natural reverb. The ribbon microphones record sound from a range of instruments. The can pick sound from the instrument and also from the room.

Consider what you want

Make a list of what instrument you will be recording most of the time. This is aside from the vocals from the performers who will be singing. This list will help one in buying the microphones that will best fit the kind of recording they will be doing more often. Moreover, the list guides and helps one to focus on the microphones that will best suit there recording.

What is your budget

studionrecordingFinally, consider your budget. How much money do you have to spend? If one has a small budget, consider buying a good quality microphone rather than a couple of cheaper mics for different uses. If one has a large budget, buy several high-quality microphones that will have different applications. Ensure that your budget remains with the range you intended it to be. Read reviews of microphones that you intend to buy to see what customers have to say about the product.