Various Types of Web Hosting Services

For starters, web hosting is a service that enables sites to become visible to anyone. Web hosts have servers in which they store the websites of their clients. Once the internet users type in a particular domain, it will then be directed to the said servers. After that, the server will make the website available to the person who is currently searching it. In short, sites are useless without the services of web hosts. Moreover, these service providers do exist to help those who want to own a domain. This is because web hosts sell domains too. Actually, there are free domains also. However, these free domains are only recommendable for personal use since these free domains have tons of restrictions. Nonetheless, there other types of web hosting which will be discussed below:

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting is a type of web hosting wherein many customers share one server. Shared hosting is undoubtedly the most common as far as web hosting is concerned. This is the easiest to use too. What is more? Shared hosting is the cheapest service due to its shared costing.

Reseller Hosting

This type of hosting allows the clients to become hosts as well. Moreover, this hosting has additional tools for clients. For instance, there is a billing software to help clients bill their own clients. Furthermore, reseller hosting offers website templates as part of the package.

Dedicated Hosting

web hosting 1Unlike shared hosting, clients of dedicated hosting do not need to share the server with other clients. Hence, dedicated hosting is ideal for site owners who wish to get the best out of hosting services. On the flip side, dedicated hosting is expensive. Nonetheless, the price you pay is nothing if compared to the services provided to you.

Collocated Hosting

This type of web hosting is probably the most complicated hosting setup. On the bright side, this kind of hosting is perfect for those who wish to have overall control of the site or sites. With Collocated Hosting, clients need to purchase their server. Although it is the client’s responsibility to run the server, the hosting company will still assist the clients in other matters that includes offering storage facilities for the server.

network of computers

As we end this article, it is important to note that if you are planning to avail a hosting service, it is paramount for you to do your thorough homework before making a decision. Apart from familiarizing yourself with the various types of hosting services, it is also prudent that you choose a reputable hosting firm. Moreover, if you plan to search for reviews to help you weigh in your decisions, instill in mind that tons of web hosting reviews are a cesspool. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you are reading reviews from a credible site. Finally, allow us to note that the hosting services mentioned on top are only a few of the many types of hosting services.